These projects include static HTML/CSS sites as well as sites running on CMS systems like Joomla.

riozoukfusion logo

  2. Site for a Dance company, specialising in Brazilian Zouk
  3. Brand Image projected: Fun, funky, romantic
  4. Build using a CMS system. This has included template modification/editing, image creation, layout setup. The client is resposnible for the copy. logo

  2. Site for a top Harley Street eye surgeon specialising in children's eyes
  3. Brand Image projected: Clinical, clean, efficient, trustworthy, reliable
  4. Build with a CMS system, this has included, creating a template from scratch. CSS1/2 to meet usability guidelines for visually impaired visitors

c21 t

  1. Love in the 21st Century
  2. Flash based cartoon animation project- Currently a work in progress, new clips added regularly
  3. Employing flash vector graphics only, the aim is to create a non photorealsitic look
  4. A "fun" approach to love & romance targeted at an audience of 15yrs - 65yrs
  5. Character concept sketches can be seen here , see Dutt girl and Latino boy

araa t

  1. Adrian Richards and Associates
  2. HTML/CSS interface design project for a rapidly expanding cosmetic surgery practice
  3. All code including bitmap text created using CSS2
  4. Logo designs
  5. Different templates were created for each type of page on the site, including one, two and 3 column layouts.
  6. Colors/Look and feel target a primarily female audience, with an emphasis on taking a "gentle", "caring" approach to cosmetic surgery.
  7. The design has not yet been implemented by the client.

one world t

  1. One World News site
  2. A work in progress, an International News portal
  3. Appealing to a corporate audience hence the use of blues, greys and black
  4. Created entirely with CSS, to ensure maximum accessibility

arena t

  1. Superachievement site
  2. A non commercial project dealing with achieving goals, examining the subconscious etc
  3. The site uses earth tones to give a mysterious ambience
  4. Heavy use of imagery to appeal to the subconscious mind